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Watersports Training Manual


Watersports is a slang term for the practice of passing bladder fluid in order to enhance sexual intimacy, or in other words, erotic peeing. The medical term for this is urolagnia or urophilia. Posts frequently appear on the in which this practice is a part of dominance and submission games. This manual is not about that. Other posts appear in which total strangers meet and go off to some private location to pee on each other. This manual is not about that either. What it is about is the sharing of something intimate and personal between individuals who are emotionally bonded and trust each other, and who seek to deepen their bond and their trust with this special token of their love. Coverage will span the mildest to the most intimate practices.

How long has it been since you peed in the shower or bath? I'll bet for most of you reading, it's been less than a month, and for most of the rest of you, less than six months. For some it is as regular a part of bathing as soaping the washcloth. And why did you do it? Couldn't hold it till you got out? Unlikely. You did it because it felt good. It feels good just to relax and without the worry of finding a suitable receptacle or undoing clothing just to close your eyes feel that little tingle passing through your lovemaking flesh. And there's no mess to clean. And admit this also, at least to yourself. Sometime -- probably more than once -- when you've been standing waist deep in the ocean or a lake, or even a swimming pool, haven't you enjoyed the warmth of your own fluids seeping through your swimsuit? Learning to amplify and share the excitement connected such simple joys in spite of cultural taboos against them, overcoming our baseless beliefs in those taboos, and adopting practical methods for engaging our lovers in this joy -- that is what this manual is about.

Please note that I write this from the point of view of a heterosexual man. In what follows, I can only comment on pleasures I've shared with my lover. I will do my best to deliver my thoughts on the subject with as wide an audience in mind as possible, including those whose sexuality is different from my own. If you feel I have misrepresented or slighted your sexual group, or if you have something to offer from a point of view I am unable to write about, please let me hear from you. In fact, anything you might care to add I will look at seriously.

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